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TechMed Summer School

3 – 6 July 2023

Programme Monday 3 July 2023

The geriatric patients, frailty, resilience and the opportunities for eHealth solutions

Time: 9:00 – 16:30 & evening program
Chairs: Prof. dr. Simon Mooijaart & dr. Frederiek van den Bos

On the first day of our summer school, we will be focusing on the use of TechMed in geriatric medicine. This session will delve into the unique challenges that come with caring for the geriatric patient and the opportunities for e-health tools to improve their health outcomes. We will explore the latest innovations in this field and discuss how they can transform the way we care for our aging population.

This programme is preliminary.

09:00 – 09:30

Opening TechMed Summer School & Introduction: geriatric patients and problem definition

Prof. dr. Simon Mooijaart & dr. Frederiek van den Bos


Resilience and its dynamical measurements

Speaker to be announced


Bringing digital health solutions to clinical practice

Drs. Bram den Teuling

Orikami digital health will show you their journey of making impact with digital technologies in healthcare.




eHealth in Geriatric Rehabilitation; Keep it Simple!

Dr. Leonoor van Dam, Elderly care physician, LUMC and Pieter van Foreest 

As the world’s population is ageing and the number of older adults with multimorbidity increases, the need for geriatric rehabilitation is growing. Geriatric rehabilitation (GR) is an effective intervention aimed at restoring and improving functional capacity, quality of life and social participation in older patients with disabling impairments. Due to the ageing populations and the increasing lack of staff, new strategies must be developed to preserve the quality, accessibility and affordability of GR. Promising innovative solutions such as the use of eHealth can help overcome these challenges. However, current use of eHealth in GR is limited and several barriers for successful development, implementation and integration of eHealth in GR can be identified. During this session I will present the current state of evidence, the possible benefits and the challenges of eHealth in GR.


Analyzing frailty and resilience as a complex dynamic system

Dr. Erik Giltay, Psychiatrist & epidemiologist, LUMC

Symptoms of some disorders cluster together because they share a common cause, such as a Covid infection. Other disorders are better understood from the framework of complex dynamic systems, in which symptoms are continuously changing, adapting and influencing each other in non-linear ways (e.g., depression and frailty). More closely connected symptoms tend to synchronously change over time. We need new techniques to analyse these change profiles. Dynamic Time Warp (DTW) is able to analyze not only dense but also sparse (e.g., weekly or monthly) data. It is a pattern detection algorithm that assessed the (dis)similarity between two time series of scores. It uses a stretching algorithm, which can yield undirected and directed (temporal) networks. This may help to identify the most influential symptoms within an individual patient, which may ultimately aid personalized medicine.


Lunch break


Solutions: Domotica, the Box

Prof. dr. Niels Chavannes, prof. dr. Douwe Atsma


Introduction & start assignment

Prof. dr. Simon Mooijaart & dr. Frederiek van den Bos

In the afternoon assignment, participants will come up with a technological solution to a problem faced by a geriatric patient or geriatrics specialist. Participants will be divided into groups of 4-6 people. In the introduction, different problems faced by the geriatric patient or geriatrics specialist are explained and discussed. An introduction on going through a design process is also given. Each group is assigned a problem statement and sets to work on devising a technological solution to the problem. The introduction and guidance of the design process will be done by researchers from Industrial Design at TU Delft. The professional background (clinical, engineering) of the participants is taken into account when dividing the groups, thereby creating multidisciplinary collaborations this afternoon.




Assignment & presentation

At the end, each group will present their technical solution in a short pitch to the rest of the participants.


Evening Programme @ Bio Science Park | Workshop ”Valorisation of Medical Technology + Buffet & drinks

Stefan Ellenbroek

To valorise means literally: “to enhance or to try to enhance the value (or price) of something”. In this context: “to let someone pay for your innovation”. In this session you will learn that it is important and often even crucial for the success of your innovation that someone wants to pay for it in some way. Because if there is no monetary transaction, it is literally worthless and therefore no innovation at all! The main problem is that in the Life Sciences and Health Sector, it is difficult and sometimes even impossible to define on beforehand who’s going to be your (paying) client. During this session we will dive into the complexities of the (Dutch) healthcare system and explore both the hurdles innovations have to overcome as well as the tools that are at hand to overcome them.

TechMed Summer School at Leiden

Are you looking for an inspiring Summer School, combining Technical and Medical Science?

  • 3 – 6 July 2023

  • LUMC, Leiden The Netherlands