TechMed Summerschool

July, 5, 6, 7 2021

Programme Wednesday July 7, 2021


Day coordinators: Lioe-Fee de Geus-Oei, Floris Vuyk

A journey through unclear imagination?!

Dr. D. Vriens (LUMC)
In this short overview I will take you through some basic nuclear physics and camera technology, ending with real clinical examples. Afterwards you understand what working on the crossroads of physics, chemistry and medicine means in daily practice.

MRI innovations for oncology

Dr. N. Doorenweerd (LUMC)
Developments in MRI for oncology aim to achieve better contrast and tumour delineation in a shorter amount of time. Classic image sequences include diffusion weighted imaging and dynamic contrast enhancement which will be explained. In addition, exciting new hardware implementations such as MR-Linac or custom coil designs will be described.

CT in cancer imaging: is there still room for improvement?

Drs. B. Boekestijn (LUMC)
Computed tomography (CT) is a well-established imaging method and features of malignancies have already been investigated extensively. However, new techniques are still being developed and implemented. In this talk new developments such as improvements in resolution, CT perfusion and texture analysis will be discussed.

Technical uncertainties in clinical proton therapy

Prof. dr. M. van Vulpen (LUMC)
Although physical uncertainties are less in photon therapy, proton therapy offers in theory major gain in dose delivery. Here technical uncertainties in proton therapy are explained, including possible solutions.

Theranostic, driving the future of nuclear medicine?

Prof. dr. L.F. de Geus-Oei (LUMC)
Nuclear medicine thrives by continuous changes. The current decade a wave of new theranostic compounds, targeting the same receptor for imaging and therapy, will change the oncology therapeutic arsenal.

Ask the expert
Prepare medical-technological project “Imaging of cancer” in small groups

All participants in 8 or 9 groups of 4
9 statements/medical-technological challenges within the theme of “Imaging of cancer”

“Imaging of cancer” by participants

Presentation of Medical-technological project by each group

Closing ceremony & certificates
All participants & Faculty
All participants & Faculty

TechMed Summerschool at Leiden

Are you looking for an inspiring Summerschool, combining Technical and Medical Science?

  • July, 5, 6, 7 2021
  • LUMC, Leiden The Netherlands
Due to COVID-19, the summer school will take place online in 2021

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  • July, 5, 6, 7 2021
  • LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands

TechMed Summerschool

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