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TechMed Summer School

3 – 6 July 2023

Programme Thursday 6 July 2023

Barriers and drivers for the clinical applicability of AI

Time: 9:00 – 17:00 & evening program
Chairs: Dr. Sesmu Arbous & Siri van der Meijden, MSc

What are state-of-the-art applications of AI in healthcare and what challenges are there in the implementation process? How can we prepare for a future in which we acquire knowledge from data and implement this in clinical practice? What ethical aspects are in play when we want to apply AI in clincial practice?  After this day, you’ll have your toolbox filled with tools for the successful implementation of AI in healthcare from a clinical, technological, social and ethical perspective.

This programme is preliminary.


Introduction of the day

Dr. Sesmu Arbous, intensivist and Director of  MSc Technical Medicine, LUMC

Sesmu Arbous will kick-off this day by lining out the clinical context of using AI in the medical field: the challenges that lie ahead in terms of implementation,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Introduction to AI

Drs. Siri van der Meijden, Technical physician, PhD candidate Clinical applicability of AI at LUMC and

What is AI and what steps are needed in order to apply it safely clinically? Siri van der Meijden will briefly explain the core context of developing, validating and implementing AI in the hospital.


Natural language processing to support the physicians workload  

Danny van Rijn, COO at Autoscriber

Autoscriber is one of the promising companies that works on developing and scaling AI for healthcare. With the use of natural language processing (NLP), Autoscriber aims to support physicians in their administrative workload and therefore have more time for their patients. Danny is COO of Autoscriber and will give a short introduction on NLP and how it will impact healthcare, and will present Autoscriber’s challenges in bringing AI to clinical practice.


Clinical applicability of AI – from data to implementation

Dr. Paul Elbers, intensivist and Associate Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, Amsterdam UMC, location VUMC

How to get advanced models from bytes to the bedside of critically ill patients.

Paul Elbers is intensivist and associate professor of intensive care medicine at the Amsterdam UMC and is chair elect of the data science section of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. Paul Elbers has extensive (research) experience in co-developing state-of-the-art AI solution at his department, and will present his work on implementing an antibiotic treatment decision support tool and other clinical applications of AI in his field.

10.25 – 10:45



The anatomy of medical decision-making: the assumptions underpinning clinical decision support systems

Drs. Bas Becker , PhD candidate Organizational Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Numerous studies highlight the potential advantages of clinical decision support systems (CDSS) in enhancing medical decision-making in laboratory settings. However, when CDSS are implemented in real-world care environments, such systems struggle to deliver on their intended promises, likely due to flawed expectations of clinical reality used to inform CDSS design. Such expectations are fuelled by notions that medical decision-making processes unfold in a structured, linear, and predictable fashion, a perspective incongruent with the dynamic nature of real-world medical decision-making. In the talk, I share insights about decision-making in ICU care after spending 26 months observing and interviewing physicians and nurses performing their daily work. By offering a renewed understanding of the ‘anatomy’ of medical decision-making in the ICU, we will conclude by discussing its implications for CDSS and AI technology design.


Developing and implementing an AI-based treatment planning approach for internal radiation therapy

Dr. Tanja Alderliesten, Associate Professor at Leiden University Medical Center, department of Radiation Oncology 

In this presentation, I will share our multidisciplinary journey that started with the identification of challenges in the clinical practice of internal radiation therapy that we wanted to overcome, and next took us from obtaining funding, performing the required research, and finally to implementation in clinical practice.

At the basis of this journey lies a collaboration between the national research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands (CWI: Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica), the Amsterdam UMC – location AMC, and industry partner Elekta. With financial support from the Dutch Research Council (NWO: Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) and Elekta, we successfully developed an AI-based treatment planning approach for internal radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

In a follow-up project, funded by the Dutch Cancer Society and Elekta, we are further developing and extending our AI-based approach to cervical cancer treatment. Clinical translation potential will be studied through nation-wide validation studies.

12:00 – 13:00

Lunch break


AI at Google Health

Simone Cammel, Cloud Customer Engineer Data Analytics and AI @ Google Cloud-Innovation for Good

With a background in the LUMC, bringing AI to the patient bedside, and now a Data & AI Specialist for Google, Simone will take us through the existing challenges and solutions of bringing clinical AI into the real world, outside of a research setting. Taking the best practices from Google’s own AI methodology and applying those to the healthcare domain. We will also look at the future of AI in medicine, with the rise of the Large Language Models such as ChatGPT that bring a new technical disruption.


Keynote lecture: Ethical aspects of AI

Martine de Vries

14:15 – 14:30


14:30 – 14:45

Introduction to assignment: Ethics & AI

Dr. André Krom


Assignment Ethics & AI

Dr. André Krom, Martine de Vries

In this interactive afternoon, we will participate in a workshop on the ethics that are involved in designing, developing and implementing AI for healthcare.


Closure ceremony, drinks & bites

TechMed Summer School at Leiden

Are you looking for an inspiring Summer School, combining Technical and Medical Science?

  • 3 – 6 July 2023

  • LUMC, Leiden The Netherlands